Unlock the power of your home network! Protecc can deliver the ultimate package networking solution, designed to unlock the full potential of your home network. With superior wireless performance and dependable products, you can experience faster speeds and higher traffic flow.

Designed for the connected home, our package networking products are designed specifically for today’s smart homes, offering superior wireless performance, dependable routers and switches. Enjoy incredibly high speeds and a more reliable connection.

Experience a faster, more reliable connection with our high-performance networking products. Our routers and switches are built for optimal speed and performance, even with elevated traffic flow. Our products are designed to eliminate lag, jitters, and buffering in audio and video traffic. So you can get the most out of your home network!


On average, today’s smart homes house a multitude of connected devices, each hijacking bandwidth from your home network. Add to that the increasing reliance on streaming services throughout your house and it becomes abundantly clear that a robust, high-performing home network is critical.Whether you have a few devices online or your home is brimming with automation, our networking solutions feature the highest-quality products, all designed for the unique demands of your connected home.


From Netflix to Napster, Xbox to iPads, Packaged networking ensures that everything works—at all times.  Your network traffic is prioritised, so your experience is seamless, reliable, and consistently dependable. Email and internet searches won’t be interrupted while concurrently streaming movies or music, and cameras, intercoms, and other online devices perform just as they should.

Wireless Network Solutions

Does your home or business have poor wireless connection or terrible mobile coverage?  

Protecc provides the best wireless network solutions to help you stay secure and connected no matter the size or location of your environment. Protecc can also improve your annoying mobile coverage for all telco providers.

Protecc offers tailored solutions for any environment, from small to large, in home or business. Our wireless network solutions will keep you connected and secure. Say goodbye to poor coverage and slow speeds!

Protecc wireless network solutions are designed to improve your mobile coverage from any telco provider. We guarantee fast speeds, reliability and total security for your data and connection.

Our easy-to-use interface ensures that you can set up a secure wireless network quickly with minimal complexity or fuss. With Protecc, you can rest assured that your data is safe from any malicious threat.

Wi-Fi Access Points

Stay connected and secure with Protecc! Protecc provides telco-grade access points to secure your network. Our state-of-the-art access points are designed to provide maximum coverage and protection for your network. Our advanced security features ensure that your data is safe and secure.

We have the ability to accommodate for any environment from a small home to a large commercial building. With our wireless access points, you can be sure that you will get complete coverage and protection.

Protecc makes setup and management of your network easy. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to control, monitor and manage your network from anywhere in the world.

Our access points are designed for reliable performance in any environment. With our advanced technology, you can be sure that you will get uninterrupted performance with no downtime or lags.

Wireless Microwave Link

At Protecc we offer all types of microwave links, from short range point to point links up to large point to multi-point microwave links. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, no matter how unique or specific they maybe.

Stay connected anywhere, our wireless links are designed for long-range, reliable connections that can span even the most challenging environments. With Protecc's solutions, you can stay connected any where, anytime.

Smart Wi-Fi

Protecc has smart Wi-Fi solutions that help you protect your network, be connected to the cloud, provide Wi-Fi to your family or customers, all while being in complete control of who connects to you. This technology can help transform your dumb home into a smart hub! From lighting to entertainment to the garage door, smart Wi-fi enables you to do it all!

With Protecc's secure Wi-Fi solution, you can now be sure that your connection is safe from any potential threats and incredibly fast!



Protecc is the leading provider of cellular signal improvement solutions with their high-performance antennas. The cheapest way to improve your mobile signal is by using an external antenna connected to your mobile device.

A majority of mobile devices have an external antenna port, and by using a 'mobile patch lead' you can connect an external antenna. For those smart phones without an external antenna port a cradle style patch lead is usually available to transfer the signal.

Our antennas come in all shapes and sizes, from vehicle whip style antennas, marine grade, vandal proof, desktop, wall mounted and ceiling mount.


Cel-Fi Go Smart Repeaters

Improve Your Mobile Reception Instantly!

With Protecc's state-of-the-art Cel-Fi Go smart repeaters, you can get better reception on any mobile device within your area of coverage.

Cel-FiSmart Repeaters amplify and then disburse a mobile signal in a defined area, so all mobile devices on that particular carrier will get improved reception.

A typical setup includes a window unit placed inside the building where there is at least one bar of signal, and an indoor unit to disburse the signal within the building. There is a wireless link between the two boxes.

Cel-Fi has a 100dB gain signal amplifier, providing around 900m2 of coverage. Models are available for 3G and also a model for 3G/4G.

Cel-Fi is one of the only consumer repeaters that has been approved for use on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone network.


What do you want to Control?

Take a few moments to explore the possibilities of automation. The automation system is custom built to fit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to remodel or build your dream environment you can automate a single room or your entire space, this questionnaire will help you identify the automation features that you will enjoy and use regularly.

I want music in every room

I want all my lighting automated and easily controlled with a touch of a button
I want TV’s in multiple rooms without equipment/electrical cord clutter
I want to monitor my property, lock my doors remotely and see who’s at my door!
I want mobile control of my house anywhere in the world
I want to control the climate in my home wirelessly
I want a movie theatre experience without having to leave home
I want alerts when my garage door goes up and when my front door is opened
I want my home to be a showpiece!
I want to provide a secure home environment for my family
I want to conserve energy
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